Which sandwiches symbolise America?

Beef on Weck is Western New York's response to the French dip: roast beef on a kummelweck bun with horseradish and jus.

Torta de adobada, milanesa, or huevo smeared with avocado, tomatoes, and peppers on a soft bread — every Los Angeles taco-stand lover knows this is what you get if you're truly hungry.

The Pimento Sandwich This southern favourite hasn't caught on in the north. The Pimento sandwich is a simple hot sandwich with wonderful pimento cheese between buttered Texas bread.

We owe New Orleans' Central Grocery a Wookiee life debt for the Muffaletta sandwich. Italian sliced meats and cheeses topped with salty olive salad placed between Sicilian sesame bread are wonderful.

Brown-hot.Okay, we're exaggerating. Kentucky's Hot Brown has more in common with eggs Benedict than any other sandwich on our list, yet leaving it off would be sacrilege.

Po'Boy Louisiana's Po' boy is the perfect way to consume fried catfish or shrimp: on a crusty French baguette with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, butter, pickles, and Louisiana spicy sauce.

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