Ukrainian army surrounds 10,000 Russian troops in east

To the south, around Izium, Ukrainian forces are also moving.Ten thousand or more demoralised Russian forces are trapped between Ukrainian brigades.

As the Ukrainian counteroffensives gain speed not only around Kharkiv, but also in the south towards the Russian-occupied port of Kherson.

There hasn't been a loss of life on this scale for the Russian army since the first few weeks of Russia's wider war on Ukraine.

What transpired in those initial weeks bears mention.The Russians' attempt to encircle Kiev caused them to stretch their supply lines too thin.

Undefended supply convoys were the focus of Ukrainian drones, artillery batteries, and missile crews, starving the front-line battalions into retreating from Kyiv.

Similarly, if Russian forces along the Kharkiv axis can't break through Ukrainian defences or bridge the Oksil River, retreat might be their best option.

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