Starbucks overhauls its beverage production

Starbucks is reviewing its operations after several outlets tried to unionise. Starbucks' outlets require overalls after a comprehensive investigation into employee concerns

Starbucks wants to make Frappuccinos faster and more efficiently. The current procedure is slow. This may be frustrating for personnel making Frappuccinos while dealing with a customer rush

Starbucks' workplace testing centre chief Natarajan Venkatakrishnan has noticed this and is searching for solutions. Venkatakrishnan is updating old equipment and reorganising barista training

Many Starbucks locations require renovation. Katie Young, the company's SVP of worldwide growth and development, determines which shops require the adjustment. 

Since interim CEO Howard Schultz returned, the corporation has emphasised resolving problems. Unionization attempts didn't happen in a vacuum. 

Shultz and his leadership team prioritise employee pleasure, but the corporation must make money. Pandemic sales hurt Starbucks

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