Spider Man's Greatest Shortcomings

Water may not appear to be an undeniable issue for Bug Man, yet it can cause a few main problems with the tech he depends on for web-throwing.

At the point when Bug Man comes out the opposite side, he finds that his web shooters don't work any longer. This is a genuine issue for an on legend them to get around and battle.

For reasons unknown, Peter is by all accounts truly helpless to losing his memory. He's been shown encountering various types of amnesia all through his comics and his 90s vivified series

One of Spidey's most useful assets is his Bug Sense. Playing with it tends to be sufficient to totally remove Bug Man from a battle, as he's not used to working without it

Since the symbiote was presented, the family has extended to incorporate many legends and lowlifes. 

Being a cordial neighborhood Bug Man can incur significant damage, yet Peter is normally ready to keep a quite uplifting perspective on the legend life

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