Micky Dolenz, drummer for the Monkees, sues the FBI for access to the group's classified data.

According to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the Monkees, who had four No. 1 albums and a smash comedy in the 1960s, were investigated

Dolenz, now 77 years old, is seeking full access to the case file after a highly redacted piece was made public in 2011.

This portion contained evidence from an informant who was present at the 1967 event.

The source said that the visuals shown on the screen behind the band were "anti-U.S. messaging" about the Vietnam War and constituted a "left-wing intrusion of a political character."

Rolling Stone said that the complaint was brought by attorney Mark S. Zaid, a longtime Monkees fan

"To be honest, we have no clue what kinds of documentation have been kept.
The cause might be negligible at best.
Soon enough, however, we'll find out."

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