Financial industry digital transformation

Since the first ATM was established in 1967 and Nasdaq launched computerized trading in 1971, the financial services sector has led technical progress.

Cloud computing underpins the financial services sector's transformation to "on-demand" data and services, where corporations pay for storage 

Google, and Amazon have cloud service arms. Only computer businesses with worldwide networks of huge data centers can match the banking industry's expanding expectations.

When Dargan joined UBS in 2016, 10–20% of its services were cloud-based. More than 1,000 applications have been migrated by him and his team. He wants two-thirds of applications in the cloud.

UBS has converted 13,000 employees to an agile manner of working and built an in-house playbook, school, and coaching.

 Large financial organizations that typically defined every feature up front and planned multi-year release cycles may now use cloud-based

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