Disney just wants fat cats, not Mickey Mouse fans.

This is how Disneyland visitors were defined in a recent financial report, which "Magic Key" annual pass holders understood to mean them.

Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul likened his parks to "a cheap day-care facility for teens"
New Zealand's tourism minister said the 

 nation will "'unashamedly' prioritise 'high-quality' tourists over those who write on Facebook that they can "travel around our country for $10 a day eating two-minute noodles.

 In July, Thailand's deputy prime minister declared, "We can't allow people come because it's inexpensive."

Industry leaders are over budget tourists, albeit it's not a new notion. Most large airlines aren't dependent on economy flyers in this economy, after all.

Similar issues beset budget travellers. Backpackers travel inexpensively, according The Washington Post. Rich visitors are less likely to spend money locally and on public transportation.

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