College football reacts to Deion Sanders news

Jackson State coach Deion Sanders says his squad is in crisis.
Sanders' team is without air conditioning, water, and other essentials due to a school "water emergency."

Sanders: "Jackson is in a crisis." No water. No water, no AC. Can't use bathrooms, don't have water, thus no ice, which hurts the programme. So far, so good.

"I need to get the kids living on campus and downtown Jackson into a motel so they can wash and take care of their necessities. Make sure all our kids have food and other essentials

for the next several days, till the situation passes.
The collegiate football world feels horrible for Jackson State and everyone else affected.

This Sunday marks the beginning of the new athletic year for Jackson State, who will take on Florida A&M.

It is to Jackson State's great fortune that the first game of the season will take place at Hard Rock Stadium.

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