Burger King's $400 million sales plan

Whether you like fast food or not, these mega-chains' quick, economical meals are as important as caf├ęs and fine dining

Burger King invests $400 million to boost sales.Burger King wants to boost lagging U.S. sales by changing its advertising and store locations 

Former Domino's executive Tom Curtis became BK's North America president last year and streamlined the chain's menu for speedier drive-through speeds and mobile app sales.

According to CNBC, refurbished Burger King shops have traditionally brought in an average 12% gain in revenue in their first year, and continue to outperform older locations over time. 

Therefore, it seems reasonable that the chain's freshly planned redesign would concentrate the majority of its financial expenditure on this endeavour

"We could see remodels start to enter the market mid-2023 and continuing ahead

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