Bear attacks lady and her dog before being struck by a vehicle

This huge beast, estimated to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, raced up and attacked the lady.

As the bear fled, it was struck by a vehicle not far from the woman's home, very likely injuring it.The lady reported to police that the bear fled after being hit.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife advises persons who see bears to create noise (such as by shouting or clapping) and slowly retreat if the animal approaches.

Bears should usually stay away from people.Despite this, a lady walking her dogs on the opposite side of the nation late last month was mauled by a giant black bear.

The Jack Russell Terrier that Susan Lee had saved her life following a black bear assault.

‘Ms Lee claimed that her Jack Russell Terrier interfered by barking at the bear, which got off her and seemed to concentrate on the dog,’ wildlife authorities in Vermont said.

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