A cyclist takes the lead using a crazy, unconventional tactic.

As cyclists learn and use new tactics to take factors like wind resistance and aerodynamics into consideration, the sport has developed quite a deal throughout time. 

However, one rider seems to have taken such tactics to a new level, riding his bike in a highly unconventional manner with great success.

Michael Guerra, a cyclist, may be seen descending a hill. But he adopted an entirely different strategy rather than continue to peddle like his rivals. 

Guerra straightened his legs over his back tyre as if he were soaring like Superman. He then unclipped his feet from his pedals and sat down on his seat, chest first.

"This cyclist is utilising his understanding of physics and aerodynamics to get an advantage in the race." To attain the highest level of aerodynamic efficiency,

 Michael Guerra detaches from his pedals, lies down on the seat, and spreads out his legs, according to Vala Afshar's tweet.

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