6 Hours Until Ethereum's Merge: What You Need To Know

Ethereum's key developers spent years preparing for the event. After many delays, Ethereum's proof-of-work and proof-of-stake networks 

The merger may make the network more energy-efficient. Energy-intensive crypto mining. Proof-of-stake will eliminate mining 

It's also helpful for Ethereum's story. Investors who avoided cryptocurrencies due to ESG norms or moral problems over

highlighting mining's energy use. Ethereum's cleaner solution might rival Bitcoin's market valuation.

Merge will lower Ethereum's supply. Proof-of-stake miners get ETH for verifying blocks. After the Merge, miners won't get ETH,

Miners have had to cover the cost of their expensive hardware and energy use, which has put bearish pressure on ETH

The event will encourage more layer-2 scaling solutions, which have been the best for high ETH gas fees.

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