Tips and Tricks to Store Food Items During the Monsoon

During the monsoon, one’s disposition is brightened by the pleasant combination of the atmosphere, the wind, and the rain. During the wet season, however, it might be difficult to successfully store the food. During periods of high moisture and humidity in the air, such as when it is raining, the shelf life of many foods, including snacks, cookies, and biscuits, might be reduced. As a result of the weather conditions, the food products get soggy and wet, and they even lose their distinctive flavor.

During the monsoon season, here are some pointers to keep your food products, particularly your snacks, safe for an extended period of time.

Avoid damp places.

The presence of fungus is increased wherever in the home where there is moisture, including the kitchen. The presence of moisture creates the perfect environment for the development of fungus and germs in the environment. Therefore, to prevent the development of mold, it is important to store food and snacks in a dry environment. Pack it up carefully, and then put it away in a cabinet.

Use glass jars.

When snacks are kept in packets, they often have a greater risk of becoming soggy as a result of the presence of moisture and humidity. One viable approach is to store them in a glass jar in such a way that they are securely packed. Increasing the food products’ shelf life by storing them in an airtight glass container is recommended.

It is best to avoid drying grains in direct sunlight.

It is stated that snacks and food products deteriorate more quickly during the monsoon because of the increased exposure to sunlight. During the monsoon season, it is best practice to limit the amount of time that food products are exposed to direct sunlight.

Mixing is something that should be avoided.

Even if you keep a variety of snacks in a glass jar, it is strongly recommended that you do not combine them during the monsoon season. Pack the snacks in the glass jar in the appropriate manner, and then store them. The high levels of salt and sugar included in snacks cause them to become mushy when exposed to the monsoon’s high levels of humidity. It is preferable to store the various food products in their own individual containers.

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